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Trophy hunting is surely the purest form of conservation of wildlife one can think of.  With trophy hunting one does not only remove the animals that are past their prime or have been rejected from the herd, but also create space for a new generation.


When you look at Namibia’s success with conservation there is no doubt that trophy hunting played a major role in the sustainability of Namibia’s wildlife. Trophy hunting provides foreign income to the country; it creates job opportunities and provides a valuable protein source to many less fortunate communities.


A large amount of the meat from the trophies are donated to villages. Taking into consideration that Bergzicht Game Lodge donated about 2,500 kg (about 5,000  pounds) of  trophy meat to local schools last year alone; one can imagine what the total contribution of trophy meat to villages all over the country was.


Trophy hunting is the backbone of taxidermists and shipping companies in this country and again one has to look at the numerous job opportunities created indirectly by trophy hunters.


Wildlife numbers in the country have significantly increased since the introduction of trophy hunting. Almost 6-fold. That is in stark contrast with countries that stopped trophy hunting and where the wildlife numbers steadily decreased due to 2 reasons:

1. Poaching

2. There is no value in wildlife for the locals. They see these animals as competition for cattle grazing and they kill animals at random.




Hunting usually starts early morning after a hearty breakfast. The hunter and PH which will be Steph or Hannes will accompany the hunters to the veld. Then the official hunting day starts. Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for animals. They camouflage quite well into their natural surrounding. Hunting is done by way of spotting and stalking up to the animal as close as possible. 


The lodge accommodation is located on the hunting veld. Thus no time is spent on long drives to the hunting camps. 


We normally hunt until about 11 or 12 o'clock and then we take a lunch break and recharge with a swim during summer; reading or perhaps a nap. You will leave at 15:00 or 15:30 again to continue hunting until just before sunset.


At Bergzicht Game Lodge we are dedicated to making your trophy hunting safari a memory of a lifetime. We specialise in African plains game and tailor-made hunting safaris according to your desire. We will exceed every client's expectations. Come and experience one of the greatest adventures in Africa


Hannes Du Plessis

Your host, Hannes du Plessis, owner of Bergzicht Game Lodge, and his family will make sure that your memories in this beautiful country will last a lifetime! Bergzicht Game Lodge has been in the family for 35 years.

Hannes is a member of NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunters Association); Safari Club International and he is a master measurer of African game.

Successful trophy hunting requires the guidance of an expert professional hunter. Hannes' passion for trophy hunting ensures your success in trophy hunting. He can customise your safari experience to the animals desired. All hunting at Bergzicht Game Lodge is carried out according to the sportsman's dictum of fair chase.

Geraldine Du Plessis

The lady of the house - She is responsible for all the interior elements of the lodge. The warm, welcoming feeling you’ll experience upon entering the lodge is all thanks to Geraldine.


She will make sure you will feel at home. She is also the brain behind the 5-star meals served. Referred to by her husband as 'the professional shopper', she will assist you in making the best shopping choices and ensure you take the perfect souvenirs back home.


Behind-the-scenes operations run smoothly thanks to her; always making sure supplies are on the farm for each safari. 

Stephan Joubert

Steph will make sure your African Safari will be one of the best memories of your life. He will not only ensure you get quality trophies, but the experience itself will enrich your life forever.


He knows the Namibian environment and will be able to teach you about the nature out there - from the birds to the grasses and scrub in the hunting veld.


Beware of his antics, he loves playing tricks and making jokes. A day out in the veld with Steph will never have a dull moment. Prepare yourself for a rich experience filled with unforgettable moments. 


Steph also has hunting experience from England and New Zealand; making him knowledgeable on many different animals and hunting conditions. 

Bergzicht Team

The Bergzicht team aka the dream team. The team consists of trackers, skinners, lodge personnel and our laundry lady. We value all the efforts of our staff; this team will make sure your stay at Bergzicht runs smoothly.


The laundry lady will make sure that you have fresh, neatly ironed clothes back in your room before the end of every day. Our chef will prepare a feast for you at every meal. The skinners are very dedicated to ensure that your skins and tropies receive the best care and treatment until they reach the taxidermist. The lodge staff will clean your room on a daily basis and replace the bedding and towels regularly. Setting the tables for lunch and dinner is also part of their responsibility. The lodge staff responsible for the outside will make sure the garden is in tip-top condition throughout the year. Our skilled trackers will assist while out in the hunting veld. They will spot the animals and assist when tracking a wounded animal is needed.  


All of our staff are very friendly and will ensure that you have a memorable stay at Bergzicht. Each of our staff members has been part of our team for at least 6 years; some for the past 16 years! 

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