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We have been hunting in Africa since 2012 and were fortunate enough to have met Hannes two years ago. We have since hunted at Bergzicht Game Lodge three times in the last two years. The pictures of the trophies speak for themselves. Great trophies can be found in most African locations, however wonderful people and great lodges can be a genuinely special experience. Hannes and Geraldine are truly extraordinary people and have become great friends. We are honored to know them and hope to enjoy their friendship when I cannot hunt anymore. We look forward to seeing them in Harrisburg in February and hunting with them again within the year.


If you are looking for a genuinely great african experience with gold medal trophies, five star accomadations, and gracious hosts- Bergzicht Game Lodge should be your choice.

- Dan Zaicek and Connie Boehm, Connecticut - 2016




Silvano Galli

Umberto Ardizzone  

Massimo Pome  

Andrea Monorchio

Enrico Margaritondo  

Giulio Benassi

Guiliano Bergonzini    


 Katia Orlova

Dimitri Vintzilaios   

 Ventsislav Georgiev  

 Iakov Djarov  


Michael Clavel

Jean Louis Berchet

Cyrille Charbaut

Laurent Deltour

Alexandre Sonthonnax

Jean-Pierre Veneau 

Pierre Mauvernay  


Tom Keyzor


Andrey Zokin  

Andrey Belyakov  

Vladimir Kozhemyakin  

Vladimir Mnisko  

Alexandr Zubov  

 Evgeny Melnikov  

 Boris Pyrkov  


Rocky Jackson  

George Boc Rogers  

Charlie Mollioto  

Thomas Martini  

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